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Tyre Services In Amesbury

We don’t just look after your car tyres we always look to go that extra mile. The professional staff at Hideaway Garage Amesbury can ensure that your caravan, trailer or motorcycle tyres are safe and road legal too.

It can be easy to forget about your tyres, but they are the only part that connects your vehicle to the road so it is important that they are serviced and checked on a regular basis.

We have most tyre sizes available but if for any reason we don’t have them on the shelf, we can usually source them quickly and without any extra cost to you. Our experts will help you select the right tyre for your car and driving style. We make it so that you are able to choose tyres from all the major brands and then we arrange for our skilled auto technicians to fit and balance them for you.

As well as fitting new tyres we offer other tyre related services such as:

Tracking Problems
Hitting a pot hole or banging against a kerb can cause more damage than you think. It can cause your suspension to be knocked out of line and can cause excessive wear

We will check your car’s tracking and if it isn’t aligned correctly we will fix the issue quickly and at a convenient time for you and once fixed your vehicle will feel much better to drive.

Wheel Balancing
If your steering wheel has developed as shaking or wobbling then it could mean that your wheels aren’t balanced correctly. Having your wheels balanced is a quick and inexpensive job and can prevent further wear and tear.

Spare Tyres
We can check your existing spare tyre to ensure that it is road fit as well as fitting a new spare tyre. You may not see a spare tyre as a necessity but if once of your tyres deflates when you are on a journey it is essential you have a rod legal tyre to replace it with.

Sidewall Damage
If you have cracks, bulging, splits or kerbing damage in the sidewall of your tyres it is important to have them looked at as soon as possible as they could become unsafe and illegal. We will look to repair the existing tyre if possible or change your tyre.

For all your tyre needs call us on 01980 623307 or fill in our simple contact form today and a member of our team will be in touch.

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